Passion Fruit 20:1 CBD Gummies

100mg CBD (25:1 CBD/THC) and fresh ACDC terpenes. 

5 gummies, 20mgs of CBD / 0.8mg THC per gummy

Delicate ACDC  terpenes tucked into potent waves of clean green certified CBD distillate. Fresh ACDC terpenes provide a piney punch to the tropical papaya and tart pineapple nuances of Passion Fruit and bring a centering, uplifting effect. Made intentionally with 25:1 CBD/THC ratio to maximize the amount of Clean Green certified CBD while still allowing for the synergistic benefits of the entourage effect. We’ve found that they’re great for sports recovery,  inflammation relief, mood stabilization, and a more centered focus.

Now Available in Conventional and Vegan Options…

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